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Canadian and International Food, Art and Music Under One Roof

Azzi Law is once again proud to sponsor Privé’s 613 Night Market – Ottawa’s hippest bazaar!

On May 2nd, 613 Night Market will bring together local chefs, artists, and musicians for a night of great food and fun. Ottawa-based Canadian and international artists from various professional and cultural backgrounds will showcase their work throughout the evening.

For foreign artists and musicians interested in working in Canada, the Canadian government has made it easier to obtain a work permit by exempting them from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) requirement applicable to most foreign workers. These foreign nationals must demonstrate that they will bring a significant social or cultural benefit to Canada based on their past record and level of achievement in their field. In other words, the benefit must be important or notable.

Several objective measures can be used to assess a foreign national’s social or cultural benefit to Canada, including:

  • official academic records showing a degree, diploma, or certificate from a college, university, school, or other institution of learning relating to the area of their ability;
  • letters from current or former employer demonstrating significant full-time experience in their occupation;
  • national or international awards or patents;
  • membership in organizations requiring excellence of its members;
  • experience judging the work of others;
  • awards or certificates for achievements and significant contributions to their field;
  • scholarly or scientific contributions to their field;
  • publications in academic or industry publications;
  • leading role in an organization with a distinguished reputation;
  • etc.

Azzi Law has assisted many foreign workers, including artists and musicians, in obtaining LMIA-exempt work permits.

To determine your eligibility for a work permit under this category, or for more information, contact Azzi Law today!


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