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Azzi Law is on a Mission

When we first launched Azzi Law, our mission was to provide our clients with quality, reliable, and accessible legal services. Our unwavering commitment to these values led to the firm being recognized as the top choice immigration law services of 2018 in Ottawa. Since then, our desire to provide accessible legal services remains unquenched and never ceases to tend forward.

It is widely recognized that those with the least financial resources often experience the greatest difficulty in exercising their rights. One study suggests that 48.4% of adult Canadians will experience one or more everyday legal problems they consider to be serious and difficult to resolve within a three-year period. This reality, in conjunction with the high cost of legal services, can effectively hinder access to the courts to low and middle-income earning Canadians. In theory, the government may cover the costs of legal representation for some Canadian citizens and individuals inside Canada; however, in practice, many individuals are refused legal aid because their incomes are too high or their legal issues fall outside the limited domains of legal services covered by legal aid.

At Azzi Law, we decided to be the change that we want to see in the world by partnering with the Ottawa Mission to deliver pro bono legal services to Ottawa’s most vulnerable individuals. The Ottawa Mission is a charitable organization offering a wide range of programs and services to the city’s homeless. Starting March 2018, Azzi Law will be offering free legal information in English, French, and Arabic to individuals at the Ottawa Mission. In fact, our journey does not end here.

Azzi Law is working on implementing several other projects within the community to make justice accessible to Canadians. Stay tuned!


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