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Have You Considered a Judicial Review Yet?

Did your refugee claim get rejected? Has your visa been denied? Was your work permit not granted or are you not satisfied with the citizenship judge’s decision? Has there been an unreasonable delay in the processing of your immigration application? Chances are, it doesn’t end here. Bringing your case before the Federal Court may be your next step.

The Federal Court can review the decision, set it aside and send it back to the decision-maker for re-determination, order the government to make a decision, or grant a declaration.

However, proceedings at the Federal Court can be complicated. The Federal Court Act and the Federal Court Rules, as well as principles of administrative law, govern applications for judicial review. Each case is different and has to be assessed by lawyers with experience. At Azzi Law, our lawyers have acquired an in-depth knowledge of the Federal Court process and procedure. They served as Law Clerks to Federal Court judges where they worked on a broad range of immigration and refugee issues, as well as citizenship matters.

Contact one of our lawyers today and get started on your judicial review.


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